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Marilyn Monroe Biography by Mo Chorfi

This story meditates the fate - real or imaginary - of a star adrift: Marilyn Monroe, in love with President John Kennedy, dreams of tracking Che Guevara in his Amazonian hide-away, take him back to the United States to meet with the President. By this act she hopes to help her lover to make up for the disaster of the Bay of Pigs, ensure his re-election, get him to divorce from his wife Jackie and marry her, thus making her the First Lady.

This results in an encounter with El Che, in a range of tragicomic twists and turns, and interventions of her former husbands Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio as well as her last shrink Ralph Greenson.
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About Mo Chorfi

A citizen of Switzerland, Mo Chorfi is a cultural globe-trotter,  fluent in four languages. He has been active in different walks of life: geology, teaching, literature, theatre, and film making.  (Among others, he directed the feature film “Queen Lear,”  starring Joe Dallesandro and Laura Garcia Lorca). Today, he lives in Paris as a freelance critic and writer.
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Marilyn had not slept much last night. At most one or two hours of a light sleep, with dreams and reality continuously mixing and melting to the point where she no longer knew where she was in her state of mental health.
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